• Wow, what a crazy sensation to se my bones all naked and exposed “Self Portrait After the Autopsy”

    Thank you for the opportunity to be in your space along side some amazing artists! Compositions show is up all month

    Come say hello at the reception tomorrow night (Friday) 6-9

Sneak Peak before the opening

    #selfportraitAfterTheAutopsy #gallery #radiusgallery #bones

  • Although my post haven’t shown it, I promise I’ve been working.

    Thanks to the insane generosity and talent of the @archermessenger duo I now have some photos of my work life (and maybe some wine drinking). You two are inspirations!

    I’ll be unloading a ton of work at the end of the month for my online store and a mothers day pop-up shop with several other artists. More info to follow. #homeStudio #generousSouls #theMakers #theHandMadeMovement

  • #whereIsYourHandmade

    Catching up on some big thanks to those who use and share their handmade!
    Clockwise from top left•••
    [] @rubyandrevolverstudio out in the world making beautiful jewelry
    [] @joeyearly rad photographer and artist in all that he does
    [] Photo by @lhittmeier of @bendh doing some mountain art with a healthy dose of coffee to fuel the fire
    [] @k_gallowa getting a good dose of desert medicine

    You all make my world go round!

  • #whereIsYourHandmade

    Get out, stay out, bring your handmade


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In the Garnett Mountains with @studiochenoweth’s handmade mug

  • Only a couple days left to see the ‘Community’ show at The Clay Studio Of Missoula. Even if you miss this show, be sure to venture over to the West Side and check out all the ceramics for sale and the monthly rotation of the gallery space. It’s well worth the trip over to this corner of town!
    #theClayStudioOfMissoula #community

  • Another photo from @benaphotog and some good times in Antarctica! They found some dirt to go with their gin & tonic.
    Thanks again Ben for your fantastic photos!
    #mustBeMoreToTheStory #WhereIsYourHandmade #PIAOutOfTheKitchen #potsinaction #antarctica

  • It’s not just stoneware that goes into the hills. Never be afraid to take your porcelain on an adventure!

    User : @christiangaudlocks
    Photo & user: @jocelyncatterson
    Where: Garnett Mountains, MT
    Mug: porcelain and blue

    Thanks to you both for being Users! And wonderful photographers to boot!


    #Repost @jocelyncatterson
Warming up our cold toes by the campfire in the Garnett Range with @studiochenoweth’s handmade mug #WhereIsYourHandmade

  • I love objects imbued with character from time spent mingling in the adventures of our lives. That is why I encourage people to take their handmade into the world. If we don’t act for fear breaking we may never live.

    Here is a well loved, first generation “THRUTCH” mug that my friend uses for whiskey now that the holding volume became too little for his coffee.
    #tumblerOfLove #whiskeyWithLove